Evol Kid is an organization built by performance artists for performance artists. The Evol Kid team is comprised of active performing artists from within various manipulation arts communities all over the world, each with different Fire Manipulation Skills. We collaborate on all sorts of projects in 3 different concentrations (Touring Performances, Digital Media, and Artist Development) and document our experiences. We make media that truly captures the spirit, mentality, and diversity of real American fire spinners and Object Manipulators (O.M).            

Stay Evol

- The Evol Kids


    Performance & Curation

The Evol Kids are performers whose careers have led them into a world of pyromania and hyperfocus. These artists have traveled the globe collecting techniques that leave onlookers mystified every time they perform. Whether they are manipulating LED, fire, or stage props, the Evol Kids are bringing quality performances that get the whole audience #LitAF.

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Instruction & Development

Evol Kid is made up of a cast of dedicated prop and fire manipulation artists from all over the U.S. They have each spent countless hours developing a fine technical understanding of prop artistry in varying concentrations (Poi, Hoop, Staff, Etc).

Each member of the Evol Kid instructor lineup is an experienced educator.  Every instructor on the team has traveled the US and beyond teaching classes of varying volumes.

Organic mentor-ship occurs within the Evol Kid team when teachers become students for personal interest. Evol Kids melt each other minds with tech for education! #learningisfun

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Media and Event Production

The Evol Kid media team accompanies the crew to every large scale event. They document BTS with the performers, capture these mystifying performances from the front line, and edit all of the footage into docu-follow style video pieces and concept art videos. 

Check out the Evol Kid Media Facebook page to keep up-to-date on the newest projects and releases.


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